That was busy day for us...

Packing for another market (England here we go), working with pictures, making long waited product (but today it’s a secret … more tomorrow). And at last but glassing mugs and kuksas. Oh boy that really nasty job – polymer glass is 100% food (and alcohol – with is VERY important) safe when is dry. Applying – completely different story.  I always use gas mask and mighty fans and it`s always ends with terrible headache.   

I of course could use lacquer or varnish but that`s not right for user of my stuff . Lacquer or varnish even if they are dry they always react with alcohols. That minds they will slowly poison people who drink from it (especially stronger drinks). Glass stays intact and don`t interfere with that drinks.    

Of course the best solution is to use only waxed and oiled mugs (I love to work with them) but… you know people always want more and more universal things. So the glass is my way to help them find what they looking for.    

So soon again in my offer glassed mugs for this who want drink more modern liquids. For this who drinks more historical drinks – some waxed products.   


Your suffering crafter  

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