And work whole day…

That`s how it`s works


Another memories from the Viking season ahead. As some of you may know when the snows melts we are taking our boat (or at least car) and we are voyaging across Europe with our tent (and workshop) to boldly go where… eee not this is not that movie… so travel wherever history rise again. It`s mind mostly you can meet us on Viking event`s and historical markets.  But … even on that time you can see our webshop are on line. And some of you ask me how I can make things with you are ordering when I`m not in my workshop. But if you will have opportunity to meet me on the event`s the answer is simpler for you. Like in that song: work all day work all night… most of my production (big things – like mugs, plates, bowls, tents etc..) happens during the winter break when I’m almost 16 hours a day in the workshop. But when winter is gone I’m so lucky that I can take my small workshop with me (and some helper also) so when I got order it`s only pencil and then I can start carving. 

Sanding, sanding... all the crew is sanding

And my days look like stream of wood pieces… but when it`s over then rest of the gang takes things in they hand`s and I can rest. So finishing the box (for example) is in fact team work. 

Quality control department :)

But at the end of the day order is ready and don`t be surprised if you will got your package from some exotic places (like north pole, cost of Mediterranean Sea or centre of London). Work is never done and universe have no end. So see you somewhere where we will meet again.  

The result :)


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